There are many ways to help

Attend Worship

Individuals or groups are welcome to join us on Sundays for worship on the common. Sing and pray with us and provide a listening ear to those on the margins. Every year, Youth groups from all around Massachusetts join Worcester Fellowship for lunch and worship. Because we like to maintain the intimacy of our worship, we ask that you bring no more than 15 total people.

Lunch Providers

Our thanks to all of our devoted  and greatly appreciated lunch providers!  Below are the guidelines so that we have  consistency with the lunches.  

Lunch Instructions (60 lunches per provider is typical -please check the calendar for what we believe you are bringing)

1. Lunches should be bagged and labeled with the type of sandwich in the bag. 

2. A variety of sandwiches is welcome (individually wrapped).  Please  bring one-quarter peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and the remaining sandwiches meat or meat/cheese.  

3. Include an individually wrapped soft dessert or snack (cookies, brownies without nuts, nutra-grain bars, chips, etc.)

4. Include soft fruit (no apples/pears) or a fruit cup/applesauce or pudding (and plastic spoon if needed). 

5.  Most groups also provide juice boxes or bottled water to either be included in the lunch bag or handed out separately.  THIS IS OPTIONAL as it may be cost prohibitive for some churches (see #6 for alternatives).

6. You are welcome to bring prepared (in a cooler) hot chocolate (4 gallons) in the cold months, or prepared (in a cooler) fruit punch or lemonade (4 gallons) in the warmer months (please just let us know ahead of time so that our pastors don’t also bring it). 

7. Occasionally a group brings hard boiled eggs to hand out. If you do so, PLEASE remove the shells as our guests tend to leave shells all over the ground and this causes problems for us! 

8. Please bring lunches for each member of your group if you plan to eat with us.  PLEASE DO NOT BRING EXTRAS if the weather is below 50 degrees or raining. 

Optional Items for Lunch Providers

Kindly give any of these items to a pastor in lieu of putting things in lunch bags!

~ 60 pair of men’s new cotton socks

~ Dunkin Donut gift cards in small denominations

~ 100 paper cups

~ 60 ounce containers of punch mix (warmer months) or hot chocolate (cooler months) for the next weeks service

~ If the temperature is below 50 degrees, you can bring hats, gloves and scarves.

~ All other clothing, wool blankets, toiletries, etc. can be donated to us on Thursdays at our Thursday Cafe at All Saints Church in Worcester from 1-3pm.   

PLEASE PLAN to bring home the boxes or bags you used to deliver the lunches.  If you can, we can use help bringing home the trash as well. THANK YOU!!

Youth Groups

Youth Groups can bring new men’s cotton socks or an ‘Optional Item’ in the next column, we would be so appreciative for you to bring punch or hot chocolate already made in a 4 gallon container!

Youth Guidelines – We only schedule one group per week and appreciate your cooperation when checking available dates on our calendar on the HOME PAGE.  Please email Susan our Church Administrator with your availability ( 

We love having youth join us at Worcester Fellowship! To ensure that our visitors have the best possible experience, we ask that all visiting youth groups plan their experience using the following guidelines and total visitors, including adults, should be 15 maximum.  

  • High school youth should be accompanied by 1 adult for every 5 youth.  
  • Junior high youth should be accompanied by 1 adult for every 2 youth. 
  • Children younger than middle school should come with their parent or guardian.  
  • Please arrive at 12:15 for an orientation whether you have been with us before or not.  We ask groups to stay and participate in our worship service (worship ends about 2:00). 
  • During orientation, our pastor will offer opportunities for youth to participate in the service. For examples, students may be asked to pass out bulletins, serve communion, or pass out the lunch bags.

Sunday Drinks

Sign up to bring 4 gallons of prepared hot chocolate and 100 cups when it is cold, or 4 gallons of fruit punch, lemonade, or sweetened ice tea and 100 cups when it is warmer weather (or 8 gallons of cold drink and 200 cups when it is over 80 degrees PLEASE).  Email to sign up.

Thursday Cafe

See our ‘Thursday Cafe‘ page on the website for needs to be filled at our mission project that runs from September through June. 

Check our Volunteer Calendar